From our workshop in Newport, South Wales we can perform a variety of different upgrades and installations to cater for all your customisation needs.

Multimedia / Navigation

We can supply and fit GPS navigation systems into your vehicle – helping you get to your destination. We cater for the low end GPS market where it is just a simple attachment to the dash to high end of the marketing replacing the old unit with a GPS navigation and multimedia system.

Our new, modern multimedia units have built in GPS functionality as well as being able to work as an audio/stereo system, hands free system and they also come with video options. You can play DVD’s and films as well as plugging your USB and playing MP3s and finally most of them have the capability for both Bluetooth and Wifi – not bad for one device!

We can supply and fit Kenwood, Pioneer, Dynavin, Alpine, JVC multimedia units.

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Stereo/Audio Unit (CD, Mp3 Player, Ipod , DAB) and Soundproofing

SJConcepts is well known for its car stereo and audio upgrades.

We stock a huge range of in car stereo/audio entertainment systems, from single din units to larger doubled din units. They both have their benefits depending on what you require.

Both the single din unit and the double din unit will replace the stock unit from the manufacturer. These units allow you to listen to your CD’s, Mp3’s, music from your USB and some have DAB digital radio. Some of these units are Bluetooth or Wifi compatible. Everything we stock is far more visually appealing than the audio/stereo unit that has been fitted by the manufacturer and has a lot more functionality as well.

There are loads of benefits to installing double din units instead of single din.

They all come with the same features as the single din unit, but a lot of these come with the added functional of video playback options (DVD and TV), GPS Navigation and also you can attach parking / reversing cameras.

Alongside our stereo units we install new speaker systems into your car, from the lower end market right up to the high end custom jobs, such as boot builds. We are a main dealer for a number of brands including JLAudio, Focal, Hertz, Audison and Kenwood.

When fitting our audio and stereo systems we will fit soundproofing, helping with clarity of audio inside the vehicle and keeping exhaust noise and traffic from disturbing the atmosphere. We stock and fit Dynamat and Stinger soundproofing.

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Video Entertainment Units - Headrest TV, DVD Players.

Our multimedia units have in built video functionality but also alongside this we have the ability to fit additional tvs, dvd players, freeview tv throughout your vehicle in the form in headrest tv/dvd players and flip down monitors from the ceiling of the cabin. If you wanted a complete custom job we can fit a tv alongside freeview and even an Xbox / Playstation inside your vehicle.

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Hands Free Kits

We supply and fit hands free kits – whether you want to simply answer a phone call or use it for built in music streaming. Our main supplier of hands free units is Parrot.

Driving Aids - Parking Kits, Reversing Camera, Cruise Control

We can fit a variety of driving aids to your vehicle to aid you on your journey.

We can fit parking sensors, helping you to park in those tight spaces. They can either be fitted as a simple speaker system which beeps as you get closer to an object behind you or you can choose to fit a camera system with a rear view camera hooked up to an external screen in the cabin.

We can also retrofit cruise control in your vehicle. Cruise control allows you to set a custom speed on a long journey, which makes it more enjoyable to drive and gives you better fuel economy.

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ECU Engine Remapping

We offer ECU Engine Remapping from a Stage One remap to a Stage Three plus upgrade; where we would add an exhaust, intercooler and a bigger turbo to generate more power and performance.

If you were to have an engine remap with SJConcepts you will notice the difference in the performance, it gives your car better brake horse power and torque; as well as this your fuel economy will improve. We are main dealers for Celtic Tuning and Apr Tuning.

Alongside our engine remap service we offer EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Removal and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Removal.

We can also offer Engine Remap services to fleet companies (Car’s, Taxi’s, Vans and Haulage) to improve fuel economy and performance therefore saving you money.

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Braking Upgrades and Replacement

We can supply and fit replacement and upgrade brake discs and pads to big brake conversion kits. We are dealers from Brembo, EBC, Tarox, Forge Motorsport and Volkswagen Racing People choose to upgrade their braking systems for two reasons – Performance and Safety.

Alloy Wheels, Suspension, Styling

We can supply and fit some of the leading alloy brands from around the world; we are main dealers for BBS, 3SDM, Rotiform, Keskin as well as replica style alloy wheels.

We can supply and fit various suspension packages such as lowering springs, adjusting the ride height to air ride suspension kits. We can also upgrade your car to racing springs. We are dealers for FK Automotive, KW, VMaxx, Eibach and more.

Car Styling – we can fit custom body kits, rear spoilers, front splitters , side skirts, diffusers and other body panels. We are dealers for reiger, abt. We also fit internal upgrades such reupholstering seats and other internal fabrics, new steering wheels, new / additional seats and well as dashkits, or cosmetic work such as new pedals and gear knob changes. We can even fit roll cages for those going for a racing spec.

Xenon Lighting, LED upgrade, Daylight running lights

At SJConcepts we can upgrade the lighting throughout your vehicle. We cater for external lights; we can change your bulbs to Xenon, upgrade to LED or fit new headlights or rear lights. We can also fit LED daylight running lights onto your vehicle. Your upgraded lights will give better visibility at night.

We can also install internal lighting – such as foot well lights, mood lighting as well as upgrading the existing internal lights.

Car Security and Vehicle Tracking

We install tracking systems, we are a main dealer for the SmarTrack GPS system which allows you to see where the car is should it be stolen, all you need to do if login to your computer and you can go live and see where the car is. You can also register with the Smart Track Company and if your car moves when you are away, on holiday etc, you will get a phone call and be informed as to its location. We can fit car Alarms, giving you piece of mind when you are away from your vehicle.

All of our car security systems are insurance and Thatcham approved and they could even lower your insurance premium.

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Split Charging and Electrical

We can add up a secondary power supply inside your vehicle where you can power your entertainment units, DVD players, TV, stereo systems, laptops or appliances. These are commonly fitted when we do campervan conversions; work on business vans, motorhomes or haulage vehicles. The secondary battery will be charged from your main battery when the vehicle is in motion

Diagnostics and Coding

If you get an warning light on your dash, such as an engine management light or abs warning light we can investigate what is causing the fault using a diagnostics machine attached to your car computer.

Custom Installations

We have completed various custom jobs at SJConcepts, such as fabricating an Ipad in the dash for a customer, custom boots builds for stereo systems, air ride suspension systems, adding a television and PlayStation, added new units and sink alongside the reupholstery of the current furnishings.

We have fitted custom installations to a range of vehicles from Transporters and Caddys to Motorhomes and larger vehicles

We can complete any custom project, the only limit is your imagination.

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This is just providing you with an overview of what we do here at SJConcepts, we are always open to new ideas nd suggestions and if you come to us with a custom project in mind our team of highly trained specialists will work with you to achieve it.

Contact us on 01633 276682 or come to the SJConcepts showroom at Unit One Leeway Court, Leeway Industrial Estate, Newport, South Wales, NP19 4SJ.