Product Spotlight - JL Audio RD Amplifiers

Sleek and powerful, RD amplifiers deliver outstanding amplifier performance and versatility at an unprecedented value.

Developed in-house by the same JL Audio engineering team that brought you the XDv2 and HD amplifiers, JL Audio's latest RD amplifiers utilize JL Audio’s exclusive NexD™ switching technologies to generate loads of power with exceptional efficiency to reduce current draw and heat. Each model features a modern, industrial design with a high performance look and finish. For ease of installation and making adjustments, all connections are placed along one side of the amplifier with the controls on top, concealed beneath a removable protective cover.

Just like the XDv2 amplifiers, RD amps are equipped with studio-grade signal processing and automatic turn-on capabilities (via signal sensing and DC-offset sensing) for maximum flexibility. Differential-balanced inputs are also on-hand to combat noise and maximize compatibility with a wide range of signal types. Two brand new features have been added to simplify installation and set-up: easy-to-use LED clipping indicators streamline the input level setting process and stereo output channels include input type switches, eliminating the need for Y-adaptors when bridging.

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