JL Audio March Promotion jlaudioamp jlaudioenclosure

Our March Promotion brings you the latest audio gear from JL Audio at a great price! Up to 25% off JL Audio amplifiers and an enclosure! Limited stock! Get it whilst it lasts!

JX250.1 Amplifier

This is a great amplifier, a hard wearing and reliable Class A/B monoblock that uses a solid MOSTET power supply design which gives your superb pass performance at a fantastic price.

JX360.4 Amplifier

The JX360.4 delivers a robust classic class A/B design with an integrated MOSFET power supply that gives you 90 watts to each of its four channels into 2ohms. You could use this with the JX500.1 or the JX1000.1 to build a great amplification system or use the JX360.4 to power two satellites, as well as a subwoofer.

JX500.1 Amplifier

The JX500.1 delivers up to 500watts RMS to your subwoofer, so you will feel the bass in your music. It comes with some great features as well; with its optional remote control you can turn it up or down from the front seat. It comes prepared for any system with its preamp inputs and outputs as well as its speaker-level inputs.

JX1000.1 Amplifier

This is a great compact amplifier that delivers a kilowatt of power! It comes with a strong Class D circuit with a solid MOSFET power supply this amplifier is about to take the toughest loads from your subwoofer whilst delivering excellent sound quality.

CS112-WXv2 Enclosure

For a tight and more accurate bass look no further than this enclosure – it is the perfect solution for performance and reliability.

Like all JL Audio subwoofer drivers, the WXv2 is centred on a long excursion, DMA-optimized motor system, reinforced by JL's patented Elevated Frame Cooling. This means you have low-distortion on what you are listening too and instead have high-quality bass.

If you are interested in any of the JL Audio products we currently have in our March Promotion please visit our store on the Leeway Industrial Estate, Newport, South Wales or call us on 01633 276682.