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Our April Promotion brings you the latest audio gear from JL Audio at a fantastic price! Up to 25% off JL Audio speakers, amplifiers and enclosures! Only limited stock! Get it whilst it lasts!

JL Audio CP110-V0v3 Enclosure

With its slot-ported BassWedge™ subwoofer system this enclosure from JL Audio delivers a powerful output at an unsurpassed value. Along the bottom of the enclosure runs the slot-port and this fires on the same place as the subwoofer to deliver incredible extension and response smoothness. The mouth itself is flared to minimize air-flow noises.

The BassWedge™ shape is ultra-versatile and has been designed with extended sides so that is can be place straight down on the floor of the vehicle or so that the woofer is placing out. It works just as well in rear or forward-firing installations

JL Audio XD400/4v2 Amplifier

It may seem small but it can pack a punch - far beyond what you would expect from something this small. Thanks to JL Audio's NexD™ amplifier technology this compact amplifier can easily play your music without straining your electrical system - whilst giving your music maximum impact. The amplifier is kept at the perfect temperature by a cast alloy heatsink and an advanced cooling system.

JL Audio XD1000/5v2 Amplifier

Delivering up to 1000 W of power this is the JL Audio XD1000/5v2. You can easily drive two pairs of quality speakers when plenty of power whilst still delivering power to a decent subwoofer system. This is all thanks to JL Audio's NexD™ switching amplifier design.

JL Audio XD200/2v2 Amplifier

Small and powerful! It delivers 75 watts to a pair of speakers or 100 watts per channel to two sets of speakers or instead send 200 watts to your subwoofer. In summary it is a small, powerful, versatile amplifier that you won't regret including in your set up.

JL Audio TR650-CXI Speakers

With JL Audio's design and audio experience this speakers are exactly what you need in your set up - they will deliver on performance and quality. They also come at a great price thanks to our April Promotion

JL Audio TR525-CXI Speakers

These speakers have stood the test of time by delivering performance and great value. With JL Audio's vast audio design experience what more could you possibly need.

If you are interested in any of the JL Audio products we currently have in our April Promotion please visit our store on the Leeway Industrial Estate, Newport, South Wales or call us on 01633 276682. You can find us easily if you live in Cardiff, Cwmbran, Bristol or the South Wales valleys.