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Focal is a French manufacturer of high end speaker drivers and loudspeakers. They originally formed in Saint-Etienne, France in the 1970’s Focal by Jacques Mahul; a trained engineer and a specialist in speaker driver units.

Jacques Mahul is now known around the world as the founder of Focal – manufacturing everything from head phones to loud speakers for use in cars, vans as well as recording studios and public areas.

With over 30 years’ experience in the audio industry every product that Focal delivers to their customer is of the highest quality and performance.

Focal’s car audio department was formed in 1990. Focal consistently deliver fantastic car audio systems and solutions – drivers, subwoofers and amplifiers. You can rely on them to deliver great quality audio time and time again. For Focal, innovation means pushing the limits of the impossible. This is why Focal constantly strive to create products with the car interior in mind and to expand our product range to constantly.

Focal owe their success to their experienced engineers who enable our product ranges to change to satisfy consumers’ needs, and most of all to meet the desires of the thousands of Focal fans throughout the world.

Focal have organized their car audio products into three distinct categories:


On-board audio perfection-get the highest musical quality for your car thanks to these customised installations capable of exceptional performances.


Will give powerful and demonstrative sound through a sound system which reflects who you are.


This gives you simple ways to improve your vehicle’s acoustics without altering the original in-car system.

Each category is designed for different uses and ways of listening to music. Whether it’s a customised Elite installation or a "plug and play" kit from our Integration line, the superiority of manufacturing and the time we take to deliver a refined finish are just as important. Whether you plan to spend £300 or £3000 pound we will fit any Focal system and deliver give a manufacturer style finish that you will be happy with.

Focal’s key values are Innovation, tradition, performance and pleasure; they characterise "the Spirit of Sound".

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