SJConcepts is now a dealer of EchoMaster, who provide a full range of safety products to protect and look after your vehicle and its passengers.

In a world where road accidents are becoming more commonplace, consumers and commercial customers are looking to decrease risk, increase safety and protect their investments.

Whether you are reversing the family car onto the drive or in charge of a fleet of vehicles, EchoMaster is always right there next to you. Offering an amazing quality range of reliable safety solutions for any situation.

EchoMaster’s range includes:

Safety Cameras

Front, rear and side mount cameras, extend your view eliminating blind spots and reducing risk. Quality engineering and materials is vital in cameras, as exposure to weather, dust and other road debris can cause fogging and water to seep inside, ruining the camera view. EchoMaster cameras are built to withstand any weather condition, and will always provide a clear view.

Parking Sensors

ParkAlert digital sensor system is a revolutionary advancement in obstacle detection. Triangulation technology, using the multi-sensor setup, calibrates obstacle detection for improved distance detection, reduced blind spots, and improved obstacle warning.

Dash Cam

Safeguard yourself with a video witness during incidents or capture that shareable moment on your next road trip.

Rear View Camera Monitors

Transform your rearview mirror with video. EchoMaster rearview mirrors are the perfect companions to the range of cameras.

Lane Change Assistance

Take the twisting and turning out of lane changing. Side cameras simplify changing lanes, eliminating blind spots that mirrors miss.

Vehicle-Specific Solutions

Adding additional safety products to your car, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the look or experience. EchoMaster's vehicle-specific solutions give you additional safety features integrated directly into your vehicle's existing system.

As a main dealer of EchoMaster we can talk you through the solution for your vehicle. The EchoMaster range can be fitted and installed for you in our workshop. To find out more about the EchoMaster range visit our workshop and showroom in Newport South Wales, or call us on 01633 276682 for more information.

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