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The best way to make your car personal to you is to style it! We can help you with this, the only limit is your imagination, if you want your car to stand out this is the guide for you

Exterior Styling Tips

Body Kits

Body kits will radically alter the appearance of your car. When choosing a body kit make sure that it complements the lines of your car, otherwise it just won’t look right. Make sure that your body kits are professionally prepared sprayed otherwise they will start to peel and look bad. We fit and prepare body kits for your vehicle to take out the stress and to give you a professional complete finish that is the best out there. You can even consider it has an investment as a well done car will attract sponsorship deals and even tv appearances on the show circuit!

Alloy Wheels

These are probably the most common styling modification today. With alloy wheels you get a massive variety of sizes, shapes and colours, as a general rule the larger the wheel and the lower the profile the better it looks. However they are also practical issues to consider here as the large wheels can affect handling and could rub against wheel arches. With alloys it can be good to choose a tyre with a wide wall to prevent damaging the alloys against a kurb

Window Tints

These are a popular mod which loads of people love at the moment! There is a massive selection of tinting and it is not just about black out film, there are multiple colours and mirrored finishes. By using our tinting service you can guarantee that all our tints fall within the current UK law; and we deliver a professional finish that will make you look the business

Headlights and Lighting

Adding some after market headlights, tail lights or daylight running lights will take ride to the next level. If you are following a set theme for your vehicle make sure you select something that compliments your theme / style. Give it some personality when you are riding around the streets.

Interior Styling Tips


Gear Knobs and Handbrakes - A great way to modernise your car’s interior and give it a completely different look.

Pedal Sets - Lightweight and Stylish, pedal sets transform the look of your cars footwell.

Re-Upholster - Replace the boring colours and fabrics that the manufacturer fitted and design a car interior you can be proud of.

Audio Entertainment Systems

We fit a variety of stereo systems from simple plug and play solutions to fuller customised fabricated tablets, all of which would replace you conventional stereo. There is a massive amount of ways to play your music through the stereo; you could use USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi depending on the stereo. Obviously alongside the stereo system we fit and replace the speakers that are currently in your vehicle and replace them with something a bit more up market. You could install a subwoofer, which is a loud speaker that generates an intense deep pulse that is out of range of other speaker types. This is referred to as the bass, which includes all low-pitched audio frequencies. If you have stood next to a car that is thumping then you know what I’m talking about. The other piece of equipment you should install is an amplifier, which increases or amplifies, the sound signal that is coming through a speaker.

Video Entertainment Systems

We have a variety of in car video / DVD entertainment systems that fit anywhere in your vehicle, dashboard, headrest or flipping down from the ceiling we stock everything that you would need to turn your car into your own personal mobile cinema. For those of you that have children you will no longer hear the cries of ‘are we there yet?’ Our Video Entertainment systems come with a variety of options, there is swivel features for younger children who would struggle with the standard headset height and SD Card / USB slots so you can expand the amount of entertainment options available to you. Selected units allow games controller to be plugged into the base to play the 300 included games. There is also headphone slots, inferred transmitter or blue tooth options so you could have your movie playing or your newly installed stereo system.

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